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Due to some issues we had to take down our website.
We are very sorry for the incovenience, but are present for you to help you out with any kind of questions or support.

For sales and supplies:

Anikó Antal (Sales manager):
Tel: +36-30 560 1224
Email:  aniko.antal@hortigreentech.hu

Zsolt Pólya:
Tel: +36-30 735 2526
Email:  zsolt.polya@hortigreentech.hu

Cristy Gyorgy (for Romania):
Tel: +36-30 352 6385
Email:  cristina.gyorgy@hortigreentech.hu

For Technical support:

Erwin van Reijn (Technical- and Support manager):
Tel: +36-30 701  7679
Email: erwin.vanreijn@hortigreentech.hu

Imre Szikszai:
Tel: +36-30 580 7385
Email: imre.szikszai@hortigreentech.hu
Technical Address:
HortiGreenTech Kft
VI. Külterület 53. (0164/60)
6635 Szegvár, Hungary
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